Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blogging Again

Long time no see everyone.  I love how real life has a way of delaying everything Praetorian.  The good news is I am getting ready to travel with work for several months.  As a Geographical Bachelor, I will not have to deal with any of the responsibilities of home.  As such, I intend to complete a squad a week until I return in May.  If I stay on schedule, I will have at least 20 squads painted upon my return.  I will try to post weekly to keep you all up to date.  Spread the word to your friends.  The more followers I get, the more motivated I will be to get this complete.

As part of the ongoing project I am purchasing some conversion kits from the esteemed Col. Gravis.  I can't wait to put them to use.  I hope he continues his conversions because I have neither the time nor talent to convert these things myself.

Finally, here is a picture of my paint scheme using Kataan's IG Designer

It was fun playing around with different pallets.  I recommend giving it a try.