Saturday, September 21, 2019

Painting Update

Another quick update on the army.  I have completed the blouses, trousers, and boots on all the models.  Technically the helmets and belts are done as well since they are white, but I will still go back over them to cover any stray paint marks.  It is now time to start the details like epaulets and skin.  I am going to have some decent time to paint over the next few weeks and hope to have them ready for basing and wash by mid October.

The whole 2000 points nearing completion
I also finished up the banners for the army.  The guy on the left is painted in artillery colors as he will be carrying the banner for my support battalion which has all my heavy weapons in it.  I imagine that there is an artillery regiment that is providing detachments to the infantry units and he has brought the regimental standard with him.  The guy on the right is carrying a company standard in the same blue color as their trim.  Finally, the guy in the center is carrying the Praetorian XIV Regimental Colors.

Front View of all three standards.
Rear view of all three standards.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Missile Launcher Conversion

Way back when, I supported COL Gravis’ Kickstarter for Heavy Weapons and Carriages. Unfortunately there were only 10 carriages and a lot of different weapons. I used all the carriages for lascannons and was left nothing for the missile launchers.  They are supposed to look like this.

 I just discovered a workable solution that still fits the Victorian theme I want to keep. I utilized the tripod from Cadian Heavy Weapons and mounted the Missile Launcher Sled to it. The final conversion looks like this. The adjustment wheel is a little free standing but it gets the point across.

Here is what it looks like with a Heavy Weapons Crew. I think they look pretty good for a simple conversion. I plan to paint the rocket body one color but the nose another color.  I will paint the rocket that is in the loader's hands same color as the nose.  That way it looks like it plugs into a missile body.  I am going to try to sculpt or mold some additional missiles without nose cones.