Sunday, September 8, 2019

Missile Launcher Conversion

Way back when, I supported COL Gravis’ Kickstarter for Heavy Weapons and Carriages. Unfortunately there were only 10 carriages and a lot of different weapons. I used all the carriages for lascannons and was left nothing for the missile launchers.  They are supposed to look like this.

 I just discovered a workable solution that still fits the Victorian theme I want to keep. I utilized the tripod from Cadian Heavy Weapons and mounted the Missile Launcher Sled to it. The final conversion looks like this. The adjustment wheel is a little free standing but it gets the point across.

Here is what it looks like with a Heavy Weapons Crew. I think they look pretty good for a simple conversion. I plan to paint the rocket body one color but the nose another color.  I will paint the rocket that is in the loader's hands same color as the nose.  That way it looks like it plugs into a missile body.  I am going to try to sculpt or mold some additional missiles without nose cones.

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