Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ideas for Veterans

I need the help of the community.  I am trying to find an efficient way to make veterans.  I was thinking of painting normal praetorian models in a different scheme.  My considerations are 91st Highlanders or Mounted Infantry.

Ignore the fact that the infantry is on horseback, I am just curious about the color scheme.

The rest of my army is going to be painted similar to Col.Gravis.  There is a picture of my test model in an earlier post.  Do you all think would work, or should I look at trying to do some kind of conversion?  I have enough of the regular models to make this a simple and inexpensive option.  Please give me your input.  I look forward to it.


  1. Personally I dig the plaid pants. It makes a striking difference for you vets without compromising their inclusion in the rest of the army.

    This might help if you do decide to go with the Scotts guard.

  2. Veterans are tricky I think, the problem with Praetorians is that there isn't much variety in models. This means that if you just change the colour scheme your vets will just look like the rest of your troops really. I would advocate changing the model to get a sense of eliteness. One good way would be to sculpt badges for pith helmets using green stuff which is quite easy after a bit of practise. If you fancied highland troops why not kilts? Victoria lamb does some great highland kilted leg conversions (just google her site and go to the shop) and you can either hacksaw off the praetorian legs or use other third party pieces to finish the model. If you do that though you will have to sculpt epaulettes, but there is a good how to on Col Gravis' blog. You could also add something like a third party rucksack to make the standard model stand out.

  3. Thanks for the input Buffer. I agree with you 100%. That is why I am looking for input. I like the idea of a rucksack. Maybe the highland legs and a rucksack would do it. Has anyone had experience using Victoria Lamb's kilts with the old Praetorian models. I am afraid they may be a little too big since they are designed for the new Cadian torsos. Kilts were my first idea/concept, but I didn't want to make the purchase if the conversion won't work.

    Also, thanks for the link Malkavschilde. If I use either kilts or highland pants, the tutorial will be nice help.

    1. Mate I don't have any kilted legs yet, but I do have some of the Victorian torsos and these are of a size with Praetorians in my opinion, in fact having added the torsos to Cadian legs the Cadian legs look slightly too big. That would lead me to believe that Praetorian torsos on kilts would look fine. As I say that is just me surmising though. I know Col Winterborne has some of the highland legs so a message to him might be worthwhile, he has always helped me out.

    2. Glad to help Sir.

      I'm working on a similar problem of my own with my fen scouts.

      to echo Buffer, I would talk to Col. Winterborne