Monday, April 30, 2012

2000 Points Painted and Ready for WAR!!!

Well I finally got my 2000 point army painted.  Here is the list:

 170  CCS- 4xPlasmagun, Plasma Pistol & Power Weapon                           
              -Chimera w/ Multilaser & Heavy Flamer   
 465  Vet Squad (x3)- 3xMeltagun, Chimera w/ Multilaser & Heavy Flamer    
 510  Vet Squad (x3)- 3xPlasmagun, Chimera w/ Multilaser & Heavy Flamer  
   65  Guardsman Marbo-                                                                           
 320  2x Manticore-                                                                                 
 185  Leman Russ- Lascannon, Heavy Bolters                                             
 150  3x Scout Sentinels- Lascannons                                                        
 125  Devil Dog- Smoke Launchers
2000 points                                                          

This is what the army looks like assembled:

Here are some additional photos of individual units:


                        Guardsman Marbo (Made from Frateris Militia)-


That is it for now.  I will probably post some more pictures once I get them taken.  My goals from here are to paint up 2 Autocannon Squads, another squad of Sentinels, and a 2 squad infantry platoon.


  1. I love to see photos of the whole army like this. Great job!

  2. That's a nice idea for Marbo, using a non-descript rank and file model for an extremely dangerous individual.

  3. Cracking job mate, Command Squad look really good and love your Marbo conversion!

  4. Fantastic army! Thanks for the photos, I love ... all of it!