Friday, September 15, 2017

Plasma Conversion

I know this blog does not get as much traffic as in previous years but I am hoping for a little help.
I am working on new Plasmagun conversions as I don't have any more meltagun models.  Here are 3 potential poses.  They are just test models and I will fill some of the gaps with green stuff, etc.  I am wondering what your opinions are.  I am personally partial to the pose on the left.  However, the pose on the right looks more like the pose of the meltagun model. Let me know what you think so I can start cranking them out.


  1. Is there anyway to shorten the lasgun part at all? Just the weapons look overly long.

  2. I tended to remove the whole of the original weapon and add a complete plasma gun to my conversions.

    That method can be a little bit messy though and possibly wouldn't help you win a 'Best Conversion' award.

    There's an example of mine here>

    Additionally, look around for recasters. I found some of these recast grenade launchers converted to plasma gunners as part of a job lot on eBay.

    Good luck.