Thursday, August 22, 2019

Did Praetoria fall with Cadia?

Where are all my fellow Praetorians?  I am finally getting around to finishing my Praetorian infantry. I got a lot of motivation when I last worked on my army by reading posts in other blogs. It looks like hat has dried up. I am hoping my posts may bring some of you out of hiding. I have also thought about posting videos of me rambling while I paint. Is this something that would interest anyone? Let me know. I hope to hear from someone.  Praetoria Lives!!


  1. Still here but completing other projects before moving back to another Praetorian platoon and the IG Apocalypse box.

    The next bunch may wear some natty tartan troosers.

    1. You appear to be the only one. The most recent post other than yours on blogs I follow is over a year ago. I am hoping they will come back around.