Sunday, March 8, 2020

New Units and WIPs

My Apocalypticon army continues to grow.  I completed 3 Heavy Weapon squads with Autocannons.  I am trying to decide if I should put them in my Infantry Squads or leave it as a Heavy Weapons squad.  Leaning toward keeping them separate.

There is more where this came from.
Next, I continue to add to my Scions.  I currently have a squad of 10.  I am working on 20 more plus a Tempestor Prime.  I am using the old 2nd edition stormtroopers with berets. That will give me another detachment for my army.  They will drop in where needed and blast away with special weapons.

Coming along quite nicely.

Completed squad ready to drop in.
Next on the workbench will be three Sentinels with Lascannons.  Should be a pretty quick paint job on them.  

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