Friday, December 21, 2012

Community Request

Sending out this request to all the Praetorian players out there.  I need 3 more ratling snipers (old style) to complete my squad.  If anyone has any they are willing to trade or sell, let me know.  I would prefer the ones without the ball caps.  I will also take any links or points of contacts that may know where I could get them on the cheap.  Thanks for your help.  Happy wargaming!

Also, I am always looking for wheels for my heavy weapons chassis.  I have a bunch of autocannons t o assemble and need wheels.  I can't seem to find a good source for just the wheels online.  Please help.  Thanks again.


  1. Some ebay links that seemed reasonable:

  2. Are you still after the little chaps? I might have some in the loft, will go hunting if your still in need!

  3. Yes sir, always looking for them. By the way, the new web store looks great. Be on the lookout for an order from me after the New Year.