Monday, December 3, 2012

Painting Progress

Well I sat down this evening and created a spreadsheet to track my painting progress.  I am hoping that this will aid in my endeavor to paint 200 guardsmen by May.  It is not an impossible task, but one that will take diligence.  The result is this:

As can see, not much progress so far.  My plan is to complete 1st and 2nd companies and do the heavy weapons and ratlings.  That will be a good start.  This chart is not all inclusive either.  I have 2 more commissars, miscelaneous random praetorians (about 15) and lots more heavy weapon teams.  I need to find a cheap way to get wheels for my chassis before I add them to my list.  There is also an entire armored portion of the army that is not even touched here.  I will probably make a second spreadsheet just for that. 

Stay tuned for updates as I start painting.  Thanks for reading the blog and wish me luck.