Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photos of New Squads and Officer of the Fleet

Here are the photos as promised.  After looking at these pictures I realize that I really need to learn to paint eyes.  From a few feet away on the tabletop these guys look awesome, but in the pictures they look like mannequins.  Any advice on a quick way to do eyes would be great. Enjoy.



  1. I like what I see. Very neat and even application of colour. Eyes.... I try to only give eyes to my characters. Generally start with all black, then dot white either side of it.Then go over with whatever flesh colour is used to even it out and make sure the eyelids are evident better.

  2. Wow, you really have got your process down to a fine art, these look amazing!

    I found eyes really tricky, I first coloured the sockets in black, then white, then a black dot using a fine brush. Its a fine art, takes some practice and usually involves me touching up the white post putting on the pupil! Good luck!