Monday, February 11, 2013

Commissars, Master of Ordnance, & Vendettas oh my!!

Here are the  latest editions to my steadily growing Praetorian Army.

Emperor help the Guardsman who stumbles across this!
Summary Execution

Hmmm, Power Sword or Power Fist...?
Swinging sword so fast I couldn't focus!
There is nothing in that book but squiggles!!!!
That bomb should be landing right about.....
ZOOM (Well Putter)
I hope 2 is enough.

Well that is it for now.  The Vendettas are converted from these Scout Aeronefs.  I added the sponsons for the Lascannons.  They are textured plasticard with 90 degree angle card for trim.  The lascannons on sponsons are IG Heavy Weapons.  The Lascannons on front are from Razorbacks.  They come in at just under 1.5 inches shorter in width and length than actual vendettas.  All in all they work really good and I have had no complaints about them.  I think they really add flavor to the army.  I will eventually put some sort of hand rail around the deck (any suggestions?)

Last but not least, my flak cannons came in today.  I will assemble them and give a WIP picture tomorrow.  Stay motivated.


  1. I saw all of these in person the other night. I'm really digging the Airships.

  2. Those vendettas are sweet!

    Love the commissars.

  3. Very 'steadily growing'!! I also love your Vendettas, keep up the good work!