Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Group Photos

As promised, here are a few group shots of everything I have painted so far.  I have only included a few of the tanks for aesthetics.  If anyone is interested I can do a group photo of them as well.
The whole lot of 'em
Can you see the snipers?
Eye level of the line
Overhead looks cool I think.
I hope you enjoy them.  In other news, my Vendetta conversion models came in.  They are assembled and primed.  I am waiting for them to be done before revealing them.  If they turn out as good as I think they are, maybe this will set the standard for Praetorian Vendettas (like Gravis Pattern Heavy Bolters).  Also, I have 4 Commissars and my Master of Ordnance painted.  They are awaiting wash and clear coat.  I will complete them when I complete the Vendettas.

Stay Motivated!!


  1. Very cool idea to pose them in fighting squares! :)

    A very fine collection sir. have thoroughly enjoyed following your progress.

  2. Haha! Love the squares. Great job. Keep up me good work!

  3. I have to stick with theme. What other formation would they be in? Thanks for commenting, there will be more to follow.