Friday, August 25, 2017

Designating Conscripts

I know that the community is not as active as it was a few years ago, but I am looking for some advice/input.  I am looking for a way to distinguish my Conscripts from my Infantry Units.  It has been easy for me because I use distinct poses for each squad.  My opponents may not find it as easy and I want there to be no question in their minds.

My initial thought is to add these to their helmets:

The thought here is that in Colonial Africa, the seasoned fighters would remove their helmet crest and stain the helmets.  New recruits would still have the crest on.

That brings me to my other choice which is to leave the helmets white.  With my painting procedure, that is difficult but maybe an additional overbrush of white after my wash would work.

Maybe a combination of both is the answer.  Let me know what you think.

Also, I have few Mordian models which will act as my command team medics.  I am working on a color scheme for them.  Once I get a few ideas down I will show them to you for input.


  1. Have you thought along the lines of cadian white shields and hat or jacket markings? Or even an entirely different jacket color? A sort of earning the red coat approach? I would err towards significant differences personally, so that there's less chance of confusion.

  2. I think White helmets will do it. They will really stand out against the others and echo the 'white shields' from Cadia. As for the wash I am sure you use the 'paint on' method over the 'dip' method so simply don't wash the white helmets (the the rest but leave the helmets). In place of the normal wash give them a watered down black wash (what ever the GW one is called now). That will show the details but keep the helmet white. The helmet crest is a nice idea too.
    I was actually thinking about conscripts for my Praetorian only a few weeks back. I was thinking of buying some Mordians and giving them head swaps. Then I was thinking of just leaving the Mordian caps and painting them differently to be 'local PDF'. None of those options really caught me so I didn't do it. I am actually thinking that you might totally be on to somthing here though. I'm keen to see what you do!

  3. One question; are conscripts really worth it? Poor BS and WS, low leadership - cheap but will they actually do anything? I thought I might be better off with just more men.
    Of course if this is a 'collector them all' or background driven choice I totally understand!!!

  4. The mordians will still obviously be medics even in the same uniform, due to their different hats. Honest. And the homogenity at the end when you do the huge picture will be the pay off.

    The paler solar toupe is a decent idea, but I'd just paint the hat band around it/them a different colour; hey presto they could be conscripts. Or Veterans,or whatever else you fancy that day.

    Jus' my 2p.

  5. Hmmm, all the options.

    @Col. Ackland, Conscripts are worth it in 8th edition. The weight of fire makes up for the low BS. Strength 3 can still wound a lot of things on 6s. Give them the order to reroll 1s and you will either hit or wound more.

    @ Zzzzzz, I kind of like the idea of just painting the band. Simple but effective.

    I am partial to the eagle for the historical aspect. However, I am not too keen on spending the cash for solely aesthetic reasons. Fortunately one sheet will cover all my Conscripts. Maybe I will just go for it.