Friday, August 25, 2017

Medic Color Scheme

I will be using this model as the primary medic in my Command Squad:

I will use other Mordians if I have multiple Command Squads.

The only good visual of Medical Corps uniforms is this:

Mostly dark blue with red trim. I don't want these being confused with my Artillery Units so I don't want them to have just red trim.

Here are my proposed color schemes:

I am kind of partial to the black cuffs and trim but I don't know if it will really show on the model. Let me know what you think,


  1. A nice way of experimenting with colour schemes there. I also like the black cuffs, it seems a bit more realistic. I'm sure Napoleon's engineers had blue with black cuffs, and were constantly being mistaken for civilians by sentries.

    I think it's achievable on the model, even a dark blue tunic would probably need a mid-blue highlight to bring it up, in which case the black would stand out more than it does on those pictures.

  2. A white edge highlight between the blue of the uniform and the black facing on the cuff might make it look a little better, but could be a complete arse to do nicely.