Saturday, January 5, 2013

Conversion Decisions

OK, so here is another question for you all.  Which of these components from Col. Gravis' store should I use to convert my Veterans? 

My original thoughts were the Life Guard Torsos.  Looking at the codex, however, Veterans don't have better armor (unless I make them Grenadiers).  That made me think about using the Hussar Torsos since they would distinguish the Vets but still have the same armor save.  What do you think?  Thanks for the input.


  1. I totally think that the Life Guard Torsos deserve to be a 4+, so if you only want them in the light 5+, Hussar Torsos are probably the way to go. I have used both in my conversions and they are both superb. What legs are you going to mount them on? The Hussar Torsos are not as thick as the Life Guard Torsos, (obviously because they don't have the think armour on them), but that being said they fit most of the leg types that are around.

  2. My original plan was Cadian legs with pockets shaved off. It does appear that the Hussar torso is a little more slender. If you think they will still work with Cadian legs let me know. I play a few place where they are kinda strict about using GW models. I would like to have as many GW components in the conversions as possible. I am not completely tied to the Cadian legs if you know something that works better.

  3. The Hussar Torso's fit perfectly on GW Cadian legs so that will be fine. One other thing to consider is the bottom of the tunic of the Cadian legs. It joins at the side, as I'm sure you know, so you will either want to line that up with the right edge of the beading or give it a bit of a cut and green stuff to have the tunic part in the centre. Or use Cadachan legs so there is no bottom to the tunic.
    What ever way it all fits so you just have to go with what look you think will work best. ;)

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