Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ratlings, Heavy Weapons, and Characters

Well I have finished up some more models.  I completed another 20 Infantry, but you have seen what they look like painted.  I submit to you now, some new material.  First off are my Ratling Snipers.  I painted them in green as it is the traditional color for Rifles.  I was able to complete these thanks to an anonymous contributor.
Crumple Muckstart's Crackshots

Sergeant Crumple Muckstart.

Next we have an Astropath.  I stuck with a very simple color palette.  I wanted him to look more like a Monk than anything else.  I like the way his hollow eye sockets turned out.

Verekar (Astropath Tertius)
Here is one of my Platoon Commanders.  The camera really adds a few pounds.  He looks even fatter than he really is.  Simple head swap got the job done. 
Lieutenant Edward Browne
Here is my other Platoon Commander.  Commissars make great conversions for Praetorian Officers.  I may make him my Company Commander when I find a replacement.  I have used him as Al'Rahem before also.  I like the way his carapace armor came out on top of the red tunic.
Lieutenant Frederick Austin
Here is a Gravis Pattern Heavy Bolter.  At this time I have 5 complete to attach to Platoon Squads.
Wait for it!!!

 Here is what 3 of them look like in a Heavy Weapons Squad

Gatling Battery

That is all for now.  Next on my table is 10 more infantry, Master of Ordnance, and a couple of Commissars.  I hope I have motivated you. 


  1. Really nice models, I think they look awesome! Some aren't a fan of dipping, or shading using varnish, but its hard to argue with the results your getting! You've obviously got your technique to a T, because these guys look great! I spend literally hours painting and I think what I get in the end looks ok, your able to churn out an Army which to me looks visually stunning in large numbers. Thanks for sharing, I'd love to see a large scale shot of just your finished infantry. Keep up the great work, I personally always enjoy seeing it.

  2. Thanks for the remarks. It is encouraging to hear that. Helps to keep me motivated. I am planning a group shot soon. Actually, the owner of FTW Games in Virginia may be taking some professional style photos and putting them on his blog (Spikey Bitz.) If that does happen I will be sure to link the photos here.

  3. Looking very fine indeed!

    Nice to see the plucky looking Ratlings especially.

    Oh and the Gatling Guns of course! ;)

  4. Now that's a good haul. Those ratlings are great, really like the green uniforms idea. Makes me want to watch Sharps Rifles. :)

  5. I just recently finished Sharpe's Rifles. It was playing in the background as I painted. It really helped me push through. Great series.